No.1 Maleficent

Now shall you deal with me…

And all the powers of hell!

Maleficent, the wicked fairy, is without the shadow of a doubt the most evil Disney villain ever conceived. She holds a special place in my heart not just because of the dark design and her evil theme music, but because compared to other Disney villains, she does not have an inch of sillyness to her.

All evil, All the time.

And that it something that struck me much later, that she is seriously never portrayed in a light tone, and i think that does a lot for her dark charisma.

In my native Swedish, she was simply known as “the evil fairy” which i suppose makes sense because Maleficent would not be pronounced very well in the Swedish dub, but how awesome is the name Maleficent anyway?  The Heavy Metal bands must have been fighting tooth and nail to copyright that.

As far as the origin of the story of Sleeping Beauty, it is based on a fairytale by  Charles Perreault (no idea who he is) and the Grimm brothers version of it.

But as with most Disney movies based off of old fairy tales, alot was changed, including the inclusion of Maleficent who is an extremely evil form of “the evil godmother” that was included in some version.

And strangely enough, the movie is based more off of Tchaikovsky’s ballet of the same name, even the music were taken from it.

Not much is known about Maleficent other than the fact that she is the counterpart to the good fairies that live in the kingdom where “Sleeping Beauty” takes places and do you want to know the reason why she is more evil than Scar?

She decides to doom a newborn with a sure death because she wasn’t invited to the christening.

What the fuck would she do if you simply called her fat?

Scar may have killed his brother, blamed it on his nephew and tried to kill him too, but at least he had a motive of power and jealousy.

Maleficent wanted to kill someone she didn’t know because she didn’t get invited to a party, what if the invitation had gotten lost in the medieval mail?

“Woops, sorreh, cant reverse it… ah yeah… i see the letter here, thank you… um… meh whatever, make a new baby, i hear its fun”

“We still on for volleyball this weekend?”

Lets look at her characteristics for a moment. She wears 90% black, the rest purple, yellow eyes with tiny black pupils and she has a crown with the Devils horns. One can only wonder if they are actually attached to her head or if its a hat. Either way, they really wanted to make her closely resembling a demon or a satanic figure.

Need more proof of that? the quote up top, her pet raven named Diablo and… look at the above picture, she holds her hand in the “Left Hand Path” stance, clearly a satanist.

Its probably the closest to satanic imagery that Disney has *ever* gone before or since then, its quite fascinating.

Oh and she uses green fire magic.

I have to say, her method for dooming the princess Aurora is rather weak. To let her grow up til 16, then have her prick her finger on a spindel (nej inte den sorten) of a spinning wheel?

Cant she just put a DoT (Damage over time) on her thats specifically tailored for 16 years? It’s odd.

The king obviously does the only drastic thing he can do, and orders all spinning wheels to be burnt, since no one could ever ever make a new one.

Couldnt she have gone: “Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday… she will… eat dinner….and CHOKE ON A CHICKEN DRUMSTICK!”

Obviously thats less dramatic, but what the hell?

The fairies come up with a plan to hide Aurora for 16 years in a cottage in the woods, and they’ll be humans and not use any magic since that’ll attract Maleficent.

I see the point, but isn’t she just as safe in the castle? if she has guards 24/7, how the hell could Maleficent sneak a spinning wheel inside the walls?

This, is the Forbidden Mountains, where Maleficent has her castle. And how awesome is this place? Its a place even Dracula would be jealous of.

But this scene also sadly leads to her only fault as a villain.

16 years have passed since her spell, and Maleficent walks around anxiously in her castle, pissed off that her henchmen (pigs, crocodiles and ugly vultures in chain mail) haven’t seen a trace of Aurora.

And then they tell her that they’ve looked everywhere, every cradle. Meaning Maleficent wasn’t specific enough to tell her idiot workers that human babies actually grow out of cribs and cradles, essentially wasting 16 years of searching.

That’s my biggest problem with her, she seriously took this long to check up on her henchmen’s work? and she couldn’t have picked better people to work for her?

She eventually sends her pet raven Diablo to find her, which she should have done a long time ago.

And what a perfect timing, because while Diablo is out on his scouting run, the fairies have gone absolutely haywire preparing for Auroras 16th birthday, firing colour spells at eachother that eventually fly out through the chimney causing Diablo to spot the fairy magic.

Diablo overhears the conversation about Aurora being a princess and flies back to report what he’s heard.

Later that night, the fairies bring Aurora back to the castle for the first time since she was a newborn, they take her to a small room where she is crowned and then left alone to process what she has learned about herself.




This scene, is among the scariest of scenes ever produced by Disney, and it sends chills down my spine even to this day.

It’s as close to horror as you can get in an animated kid friendly feature film.

I would dissect this scene and discuss the many weird things in it, but i actually wont ruin this.

Aurora pricks her finger and falls into a sleep that’ll last for 100 years, and the fairies subsequently put everyone ELSE in the kingdom, to sleep for 100 years. Whats the logic of that? they’ll never friggin wake up!

A short while later, Maleficent also captures the prince (every story needs a hero eh?) and imprisons him in the castle.

The fairies enter the castle and free’s him while Maleficent is asleep, but Diablo intercepts them and wakes Maleficent just before he is turned to stone by one of the good fairies (isn’t that technically black magic? Oo)

Maleficent, in all her rage, creates a gigantic wall of thorns to stop prince Philip from entering the castle. But he uses his sword to cut through it, so she clearly didn’t think through that one.

But that was just the warmup, Maleficent descends from her tower and in a green inferno, she transforms into a dragon.

Here is also where i noticed something really strange, the shield that prince Philip wields might be the strongest shield in the world (Diablo 3 producers, pay attention)

Maleficent attacks Philip and misses, and hits the bridge.    The bridge is turned to ASHES.    The shield stops that exact same flame.

In the end though, Maleficent traps the prince and he throws his sword at her, and that’s that. Really lame if you ask me, which you didn’t.

For the time (1959), the animation of the dragon was among the biggest projects that Disney had ever tackled, and i recon they did a great job.

Maleficent has lived on ever since her wimpy death, in TV-series and videogames where she usually plays the main villain. And why is that?

Because she is frigging evil.

In the video game series Kingdom Hearts, she was the villain controlling all the other villains (not even going to mention the gay boyband muppet). I’ve yet to play it sadly, but i have to one day, if only just for her sake.

I thought i’d upload a picture…

Drinking coffee is always nice when you can do it while placing your lips… no wait, nevermind.

I love Maleficent, she is my number one villain because she is basically Black Metal in Disney format.  Everything about her design is absolutely flawless, from her horns to her dress and her epic green fire magic that surrounds her entrance and exits.

Rumor has it that people are in the works of creating a live action Maleficent movie, and that Angelina Jolie was closely associated with the role. Honestly, its not a very bad pick when it comes to potential actresses.

I just hope they do the original justice.

Now, we are finally done with this Disney stuff, and i’ll never have to mention animation in this blog ever again!

Well that’s probably far from the truth, but one could always hope.

And to top it off,  here is another wonderful drawing.

Honestly, sometimes my artwork actually brings *me* to tears.


3 thoughts on “No.1 Maleficent

  1. Let me tell you that I spent the last hour (or maybe more) reading your blog… It’s rather fascinating actually,and I loved the posts about the disney villains. This proves that you are a much bigger disney fanatic than I thought. You’re the first person I met that knows as much (or maybe more) as me regarding disney movies, and that’s not easy :D. My favorite part about this and the other posts about the villains are your drawings, real works of art 😀
    In this post in particular I like the part where you said she’s the most black metal thing in disney movies. I’ve never thought of that, but I guess you’re right. Nice one 😛

    She’s the scariest villain ever, specially in the version I saw the movie (in brazilian portuguese). Her voice still creeps me out after all these years. (see for yourself)

  2. Honestly, the voices are *Extremely* similar, i think they’re all the same actor that learned 40 different languages.
    Actually the swedish one is more softer, until she pulls out her evil voice.

    Glad someone likes my artwork ,its about time!
    Might enroll into artschool, i mean i really should.

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